:: World Peace Manifesto

During the inauguration of the Statue of World Peace in Beijing on the first day of the new Millennium this “ World Peace Manifesto” was signed by 180 delegates from 47 countries. It was presented to the United Nations through the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

As humanity steps into a new millennium, we, the creators of the Statue of Peace, call on peacemakers from different nations, different races, different faiths and languages, to join our common cause and dedicate our energies to making World Peace our number one priority. We hereby solemnly reveal our 21st Century World Peace Manifesto.

During the past 5,200 years, mankind has witnessed 14,000 wars. For every day of peace there were 30 days of war. The magnitude, frequency, cruelty and destructiveness of war reached its peak in the twentieth century, with World War II wreaking more devastation than all other wars in history combined.

Even during the so called “Cold War” confrontation that followed World War II, over 160 regional wars have occurred.

While humanity takes pride in its great achievements of technology, atomic weapons have significantly escalated modern war. For the past half century, there has been a nuclear explosion almost every ten days.

Our senses numb trying to comprehend the existing 50,000 nuclear warheads, the equivalent of 160 megatons of TNT, which are scattered throughout the corners of the Earth. A nuclear explosion with the equivalent of 50 megatons of TNT could send the earth into a lifeless nuclear winter, destroying the planet several times over.

Today, millions of young people who have never experienced the sufferings of war are lost in a world of cartoon fantasy. This naive younger generation is manipulated by a media that propagates and idealizes the deadly ideas of war and while ignoring the ideals of peace.


- the Balkans are a smoldering hotspot;

- the Middle East war escalates daily;

- disputes over natural resources worsen with greed;

- nations disintegrate into chaos;

- religious disputes become more bitter;

- ethnic animosity is a constant danger;

- clashes, famine and plague haunt Africa;

- the "9/11" terrorist attack and on going terrorist acts.

War hangs over humanity like a sword of Damocles . This is the gloomy scenario we face in our uncertain future.

We must all declare ourselves the guardians of world peace. We call on leaders of nations, generals, scientists, teachers, artists and ordinary civilians to unite to achieve an everlasting peace for humanity.

Threatened by world destruction, the establishment of World Peace has become urgent and compelling. Just as the Statue of Liberty was symbol of freedom in its time, so the Statue of World Peace should bring the message of Peace to one and all.

Envision the Statue opening her wings, rising over the horizon bringing the dawn of world peace, calling to all humanity to awaken to the song of brotherly love and harmony.

Let us unite to keep the world away from war, welcome the revitalization of Mother Earth, welcome the Angel of Peace. Let us build an era of peace and harmony.


Statue of World Peace Committee

Statue of World Peace Foundation

January 01, 2001